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Hello everyone, is a time that has known of us and I thought that I would give you a quick shot to the top of the latest enhancements to Dugi guides. Some of you who regularly review our update log may have already noticed the changes, but here are our best recent updates 3 … 1. New [-]. Our guide of the event in the game because love is in the air now is available. It is a celebration of the day of San Valentín WoW 3 Feb-17 Feb event. Update your Dugi guides now and you will find two new guides on the tab of the event. Game guide is a free update and it contains the requirement [-]. An ad is fast for you inform that, by popular demand, we have recently added a new parameter with the latest update to enable customization of the weight values gear advice. You can find this new option in settings > Gear section score and you can adjust the value as it seems [,]. To keep our guides updated to the latest version, simply run the Installer before playing WoW and the installation program checks for the new update and installed automatically for you. I have the Blizzard store mount Swift Windsteed. In the video ’ youtube player s ’ who have Windsteed of Swift. (Vi) a framework for the Monte do ’ s which stood on two legs ’ s and dance around. Make sure that frame. I want to see my two legs-mounting position ’ s and dance around. Please, thank you in advance very appreciate response. any macro for monks dismissed in brightness, but don't know how to get here lol was made pre to macros and when I gave him load the macros botton works but nothing happens? Thanks for any help! Response. For some strange reason no longer be displays all macros that are responsible in the General page of macros. I want to talk about first aid macro, trinket macro PVP, all those who are responsible for all characters by default. I use them in multiple accounts on one of my accounts, seems to have removed and I can't ’ eat t for his return. Uninstalled macro Bank and reinstall it. They dugi guide youtube have restarted me my profiles and still nothing. Any idea about how can I resolve this to get these macros return?? Response. When I try to load the premademacros macros. LUA, not passes nothing, what the heck is going? can you send me a working premademacros. LUA file? Response. Hijust thought that ’ d try this, only updated Dugi guides but n ’ t get any macro pre made at all, press the load the and nothing, any ideas?Response of DAZ. Hi, I downloaded the Horde lore master and guide of Dungeon and can not access the macros for the assistance of the reason? Response. Hello Dugi & TeamFirst. Thanks for all the great guides! You can ’ live without them! recently, I started to look at macro pre-made. I am trapped from the beginning. And I am not a magician in equipment … put the complete guide. recharge the curse by separate macrobank … several times, check the macro lua, so this is a new and fresh etc. I have followed your tutorial on the screen next to wow. Now I have a new “ misrepresented by me ” version of the Guide and ’ View just made the first step, IE still don downloaded the loaded macrosI ’ t get ’ selected all the icons! Unique red q mark, first together with all spells in the register of macro is … where you have nothing in the video, and when choosing a destination and charging = red mark q … no icons. What I'm doing wrong? I have not changed any settings anywhere else. I run win7, I played wow for a few years and only n ’ t understand how to fix this problem. Do you have problems with other addons? If so … those who? would the tutorial is an obvious and the Crystal … everyone has reported this particular thing?Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions. Response by Helen. Hi Helen, don ’ t loading the macrobank's curse, because it is different, and they overwrite the changes. on the problem of the icon, you can take a screenshot and download in the support for the ticket, make sure that it is actually a spell that your character has. Response. Hi Dugi & TeamNo not downloaded the curse of macrobank directly, but not I have my other add-ons. When I open the curse, after downloading Dugis Guide, there is a link to macrobank in my Menu-maldicion, indicating that you need to update, and clicked me and updated … should be where everything has gone wrong, as much as I can think to … if I understand correctly … not update this link to all the … because apparently replaces your program? First I'll try and back … I have never taken a screenshot, so I do not know how …, but I'll try. (I am an elderly, and without his wonderful guides, yet, three years later, in the Emerald Dream ’ training area, have not only the slightest idea … lol)Thank you for a quick response from Aussie. Response by Helen. Dugi wondered about what I have in the game, and each toon tried to use some macros, but as a part of its level work stoppage. as the macro for Druid in the movement ’ m lvl 58 and now my macro does no longer in Outland where you can fly. before stopped working on Stormwind levels before but was lvling thur call to arms. Therefore I have not had any need for this macro. others do not work even when I'm alll spells. I wondered if you're going to do this or not? In response. .