Naruto Online The Game 3d Download

Welcome to the Naruto forums. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may need to register before you can post: Click on the link ' register ' to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the Forum that you want to visit from the list below. All their hidden villages are belong to us!(initial announcement when we were in public)Its finally revealed!Already a few months, we've been working on this little thing in secret, but now we finally decided that it's time for you guys bother us a bit showing some of our activities. But finally we went public, it will enter immediately in any specific details about the mod. Instead we're going to feed the children with information from time to time. Yes it's true, because they are evil and wants you to torture. But feel free to speculate. given the context and the former (or current) of the members of our team. And that's all for today already. We invite you to participate in our forum to join others in everything we do with the mod and expected it to come up with bizarre conspiracy theories. or what is still a secret. Just make sure you obey the rules the Almighty, otherwise it will be a short visit for you. Friday update # 1 (first news update) Welcome all our updateToday first Friday afternoon, we would like to introduce you to a smaller feature, but very well, facial expressions. You can't have a great impact in the real game (which was unveiled in the coming weeks) but we love this kind of eye candy and you, adds depth in the game. First of all, your character will carry out some facial animations depending on what you're doing. For example, if you hit something and screams the sound of pain, your character will perform really screams. Although we have not actually lip sync animations. Another very interesting feature is that these animations also reacts to everything that you type in the chat within the game. So you'll be able to run certain expressions when you want, probably again combined with animation ' body ', if I'm late only if you use the cat, on the other hand, we would like to share a little with you wallpaper provided by our talented artist Ryu. Most screen will likely continue following some new versions. It is not only good, it will be the holy man! You need to know what developers are doing their best in this game! These naruto online the game 3d download guys are gods and can be displayed with this fantastic game! Haha (talk about PR). It was a great journey for us, NNK team, to create a project that is unimaginable in an engine so old. And it was a pleasure to have a large fan base to support us. So we want to bless you with an update of many of you expect: NNK taijutsu system or fray. This strikes again. There was only an April Fools, but this is a pure Naruto but mod. Make sure that you check the guys! Well, the fact is that it is an update for the weekend every weekend! Haha, so if you want to check for updates, visit the site Friday. Bumping this because its last update is quite good, check if you did not make. I don't know that encoders/facilitators are always need qualified, do not be afraid to ask if you like that sort of thing. This mod is more crap I've seen by far. (I'm not saying Omg you sick! is a new era. healthy!, ish.) . .