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This is an excellent opportunity to relax and concentrate on positive thinking, because soon, the holidays are approaching. Masaru Emoto has conducted a study that showed how our environment for change. People were attached with different models of the idea of water, but also of the crystals. MoreFeminization is a process, found the feminine characteristics to get used to. It is a conscious effort, man and woman, the installation of feminine qualities, to transform the gestures and the quality. Is an expression of personal satisfaction. An example of this is drafted, where men wear, clothing and accessories to see and to act as a female. It is currently some inhibitions, transsexuals, transvestites, and popular. You have to disguise, to put more women and heterosexual men can win. See parody has become a trend in the social environment. A bolder approach is to go the actual physical transformation using the surgeons and experienced physicians. One of the species that is common to female hormones in the male body, more feminine to look. Another example is the so-called "Facial feminization" where a man through the transformation usually by surgery appear female. Other examples might be genital and breast in replacement of prosthesis. There are other popular examples without medical procedures through; He forced feminization hypnosis and feminized. A forced female typically male feminization, forcing hypnosis mental health the man to femininity in behavior and appearance. This is to show and to exaggerate a kind of female domination on man. To do this, there is one makes the change that brings personal satisfaction of the person in control. Is a kind of matter, where there are parts to fulfil one or two of them to their secret fantasies. It is usually an act of rejection by males, enjoy the process of feminization. Another method is feminized hypnosis. Here is where a man is hypnotized and an open mind to hypnotic suggestions on the properties and characteristics of the female. The goal of this process to the ideas of hypnotics, implement the women who are there, can be thrown, so this female attributes to flourish. If used regularly, it helps hypnosis feminized is a more feminine, males look more feminine, to get a more feminine behavior, and the most important thing that helps you to feel more feminine. Physical changes can occur, even if the step-to-step process and serves to regulate, results that will surprise you,. .